flibsideLet’s face it, the most interesting work on any record is the b side. The most unique work, by any artist, is what they have buried in their closet. FLIbSIDE honours that special place where creativity is allowed to show itself without constraint. Art one creates when nobody is looking. That happy accident when there are no expectations.

That’s the FLIbSIDE.

So sit back, flip the record, and see what creativity looks like on the b side.

robertdivitoRobert’s work has taken him all over Canada, the United States, South America and Europe. His talents have allowed him to collaborate with some of the brightest names in the music and entertainment industry as well as the corporate world. He has completed corporate work for Universal Music, BMG Music, Sony Music, EMI, and worked for clients such as iFuriosi, XBOX, the Canadian Brass and Adobe. As an active contributor to the field of audio engineering, research and development, Robert is a member of the Audio Engineering Society. He is currently serving as Marketing Director/Past Chair of the Toronto Section of the AES, which is among the largest worldwide.

Among his many musical accomplishments, Robert performed as principal trumpet on the Emmy Award winning film Making Overtures by Rhombus Media which also garnered an Academy Award nomination for Best Short Documentary.

Robert also loves to give back. He has been the catalyst for change on many community issues that have helped shape the quality of life for thousands of people. Whether its organizing tree planting with Arbor Mission, creating safer streets with DriveSafe, volunteering at food banks, delivering gifts at Christmas, cooking for the Out of the Cold program or serving as a Scout leader, he has given back with his time and through his art to make a difference.

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